About the IBSS

The International Bond & Share Society (or IBSS for short) is the world’s biggest association of people interested in scripophily.

The Society was founded in 1978 as a non-profit organization with the aim to promote, encourage and develop all aspects of scripophily. That comprises any activity dedicated to collecting, study and research of historic securities such as bonds, shares, stock certificates and other documents of financial nature.

Now we have members in more than 40 countries on all continents. The largest groups are located in the United States, Great Britain and Germany.

We are funded exclusively from contributions of our members and this is our main source of funds. That’s why we charge membership fees (annual fee currently US$ 32, € 25 or £ 20).

Society officers (as elected in the 2015 AGM):

Martin Zanke (Germany): chairman

Mario Boone (Belgium): deputy chairman and auctioneer

Philip Atkinson (UK): secretary and membership secretary

Steve Maier (UK): treasurer

Mike Veissid (UK): trade representative

Max Hensley (USA): President US Chapter, chief editor

Andreas Reineke (Germany): Euro treasury

Franky Leeuwerck (Belgium): Deputy webmaster

USA Chapter: Max Hensley (President of US Chapter), Scott Winslow, Fred Fuld

Honorary chairman: Brian Mills (UK)

Andrew Litherland (UK): special operations
Editorial team: Philip Atkinson, Terry Cox, Silvio Mariniello, Brian Mills, Franky Leeuwerck, Geert Leemeijer, Andreas Reineke, Arthur Steppé

Marketing and webmaster: Martin Zanke

Finland Representative: Janne Pietikäinen
Netherlands Representative: Hugo van der Molen
Russia Representative: Sergej Kozhin
China Representative: Ming Zhang


Society rules as amended by the AGM in 2010: Download as pdf file

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