Member portrait: Bob Kerstein

22 January 2016 of IBSS Webmaster

Owner of several striking internet addresses such as and Bob Kerstein has been without doubt the most active and successful pioneer in using the internet for scripophily. Very early he had an idea how the internet could change the trade of scripophily items and what it could do for promoting the hobby. Trading collectible stock and bond certificates since 1990 his online shop opened six years later in 1996. His affiliated business undertakes research on old companies and old stocks. In 2011 he acquired the Old Stock & Bond Research Archives (formerly RM Smythe Research) from Herzog & Co., Inc.

Bob Kerstein

Treasures in his hands: Bob Kerstein

Bob has a strong background in accounting and in the internet business. He is a Certified Public Accountant and has been the Chief Financial Officer of several publicly held communications companies. As Chief Information Officer of the Vancouver Grizzlies and Vancouver Canucks he was responsible for the first team websites in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL). During the hype he was involved in the founding of several related enterprises. When the first internet bubbles blew off on the stock market he was the first to have the stock certificates in his hands. For the US media he is the expert to ask about hidden treasures behind old financial documents or these papers as collectables. || more »

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