FAQ: Why collect?

We cannot do better than quote the reasons for collecting given by some of our members.

“I have always been a railroad fan, especially steam locos. I collect all kinds of railroadiana, and stocks are among the most pictorial.”

“I get a thrill from holding papers that have been handled by great financiers and world figures such as John D Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Nathan M Rothschild, Walt Disney, even Goethe and King Charles I.”

“Scripophily is new compared with collectibles like stamps, coins and banknotes. This means I can research angles that no-one has looked at before, and I feel I am becoming a recognised expert in my specialty.”

“I adore the artistry and colour of some of the picture-size Belgian, French, Spanish, Portuguese shares. Plenty of art nouveau. Even some Mucha.”

“My home town was built on coal. I am making a collection of coal mine shares and other industries from my region.”

“I love to handle the evidence of the hopes of rebels and romantics from different times and continents – Gregor MacGregor’s Honduran adventure, plans for airplanes that would never fly, Kossuth’s Hungary, the Spanish Carlists
amongst them.”

“My Civil War collection would not be complete without at least a representative group of bonds of the Confederacy.”

“As a paper money collector, I like to find banking, railroad and State stocks and bonds with the same vignettes and names as I have on my notes.”

“Scripophily is truly a world interest. It makes a reason to travel to meetings and bourses. And I exchange news by phone, fax and email with interesting and charming people from all over.”

“I enjoy the hunt. Besides, this is early days for scripophily, so I am not likely to be caught on the peak of a fashion. And how else can I buy a million dollars of stocks?

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