Favorites: Dealers and Auctioneers


Spink: a very long tradition in auctioning, with scripophily added only some years ago. Now bonds and shares are regulaly offered in London, Hongkong, New York and Lugano (Switzerland) .

Historisches Wertpapierhaus (D): twice a year live auctions followed by only auctions two days later.

Booneshares (B) two live auctions anually, strong in an international variety of papers.

Freunde Historischer Wertpapiere and Hanseatisches Sammlerkontor (D): two brand names of the German “AG für Historische Wertpapiere” with roughly 10 auctions year round, all in Germany and some only online auctions or mail bids

Archives International (USA): numismatic and scripophily auctions in the US and in Hongkong, also active on ebay

Scriposale (Germany): special scripophily auctions, normally once a year


scripophily.com (USA): Bob Kersteins site, a pioneer in selling and promoting scripophily.

Scott Winslow (USA): also a long time market participant with a variety outreaching scripophily

GKR Bonds (UK): Dealing in scripophily, art and finance.

Labarre Galleries (USA: The Largest Stock and Bond Dealers in the World with over 6 Million Pieces in Stock. Free Catalogs Available.

Scripocenter (B): Mario Boones shop with international papers

Scripocollections (B): Mario Boones service of managing third-party collections.

Hugo van der Molens (NL) site www.scripophily.nl: good scource for information and papers

Volker Malik, one of the most active dealers in Germany, runs two online shops: Antiquariat “Schöne Aktien” and Nonvaleur Shop.  Beside this Volker Malik is CEO of Scripovest AG, one of the largest retail dealing and investing companies for old stocks and bonds worldwide.

One German shop (D) with focus on Reichsbankschatz papers: muenzen-halle (coin hall), an ebay-shop.

Two Italian shops (I) with a focus on their national heritage and vicinity: Scripofilia.it and Scripofilia.eu.

ASSMANN’s BONDs SHAREs PAPERs store on ebay, with a focus on international government bonds.

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