Favorites on Facebook

Popular facebook sites (figures as of May 2014)


Scripophily Central (open group), 240 members, by Mauro Magnani

Scripophila World (open group), 160 members, by EDHAC and Scripophila Helvetica

scriposociety (community), 105 likes, by IBSS

scripoberlin, 55 likes, by Berliner Wertpapiersammler

scripophily.com, 1800 ‘likes’, by Bob Kerstein

HWPH AG, 800 likes, by Matthias Schmitt

Nonvaleur News, 125 likes, by Ulrich Hanke

scripovest/scripozine/scriposale, each about 40 likes, by Volker Malik

Scripophily Indochina, started in early 2015

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