Links: Special fields of scripophily

29 April 2014 of IBSS Webmaster

Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads
Site maintained by Terry Cox, author of Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads. Contains comprehensive database of railway related securities.

Goldsheet Mining Directory
Directory of mining companies, including extensive resources on obsolete securities.

My Railroad Stocks and Bond Collections
Private collection of US railroad stocks and bonds – mainly from Missouri or related to Confederates, plus some other small themes.

Indian scripophily: Rich source for papers from the Indian subcontinent, with online catalogue

Marseille en actions: Gilles Reynauds site about scripophily from Marseille, France (in French)

Wechselkontor: German site especially on ‘Wechsel’ (promissory notes)

Historische Optionsscheine: German site about option certificate with catalogue.  Excellent source from an expert, but only in German.

Tasmania: Strangely enough Tasmanian scripophily so far is researched and documented by our German member Dieter Engel

Maritime papers: Dieter Engels main field of interest: Maritime scripophily (in German only)

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