More than 50 scripophilists to meet in Antwerp

3 April 2016 of IBSS Webmaster

Mario Boones Antwerp auction on the 19th of March was a big success again. Over 50 collectors from all continents participated in the auction room. Overall, 58,55% of all items offered found a new owner, resulting of a turnover of 246.326 EUR (incl. sales commission).

Top item in the auction was a share of the French Compagnie des Indes from 1787 whith fetched 12.000 EUR. Most other top items in the auction were also strongly in demand, for instance the founder share of the Suez Canal (5.500 EUR) and the Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft die Adler des Ober-Rheins from Switzerland (4.200 EUR, up from 2.000 EUR). The unique Antwerp City bond from 1664 was sold for 5.200 EUR.

Scott Winslow presents great fortunes 'made in U.S.A.'

Scott Winslow presents great fortunes ‘made in U.S.A.’

The bourse on Sunday was also well attended, though after 1 p.m. sales activities were practically over and most participants already preparing for heading home. At the IBSS breakfast before the bourse Scott Winslow gave an interesting speech on fortunes made by mainly American entrepreneurs and the old securities tied to these (hi)stories.

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