Site rules

5 March 2014 of IBSS Webmaster


This site is maintained by the International Bond & Share Society.
This site is available to general public but an access to some parts is restricted only to IBSS members.
All members are entitled to access “members only” areas of this site, and for this purpose they are provided with user account, user name and password.
Each user is assigned with unique user name.
User accounts and access credentials are strictly personal and should be kept confidential.
Change of user name (account name) is not allowed under any circumstances.
Change of certain personal details such as name and surname is restricted. Site administrator will change such details upon request supported by valid reasons.

Forum Rules

Only registered users are permitted to use the forums.
Offensive language, profanity or vulgarity is not acceptable.
Harassment of other users is not acceptable.
Personal conflicts have to be resolved outside the forums.
Make an effort and try to post to the right forum.
Make an effort and before you post any new question, check if it has not been answered already.
Non-compliance with forum rules may result in removal of any posts or suspension of forum access rights.

All content of this site is copyright protected. If you wish to use any part thereof for any pur-pose whatsoever, you must obtain prior written permission from the Webmaster (see “About / Contact” for details).

In addition all texts and articles including all parts thereof are copyright protected. If you wish to use on the web or in print – for any purpose whatsoever – any part of this text or any of the illustrations, you must obtain prior written permission from the editor of the International Bond & Share Society (see “About / Contact” for details) and sometimes from the author as well.

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